About Our Company

Nexton Group (NG) laid its foundation in 2008 with the concept of producing an organization that is solely made to serve in alternate energy sector. Our 5 years of experience as a licensed and bonded contractor has provided our clients the superior results. It's the benchmark set by our company that we provide solutions instead of selling products. Our highly qualified and well trained staff has years of experience and take pride in quality workmanship. We employ engineers, line workers, electricians and equipment handlers to provide state of the art solutions. At NG we have large fleet of modern solar power engineers, consultants and electricians to design and troubleshoot the system and configure the system to work at its highest efficiency. Nexton R & D is formulated to facilitate the youth to boost their confidence and employ their capabilities in a constructive way. Nexton R & D visualizes the youth to be the part of all businesses rather than wasting time in finding jobs and in the ending finding nothing. Nexton R & D is powered with the vision of Nexton Group, the self based organization is a proven example that started with nothing and now is providing valuable solutions to valuable clients. Nexton group started with the vision to make use of the natural fruits to make organic jams, juices and jellies in 2012. With the back ground of a renewable energy we have constructed a food processing factory that is totally being powered by Solar energy. Our food products are truly organic (no pesticides, no fertilizers, no preservatives, no artificial flavors /colors).

Latest News

Nexton Solar has successfully installed the biggest solar PV system of Baltistan at KIU situated in Gilgit Pakistan.

NG-Spoke Person

CEO Nexton Group actively participated in TIE Business Forum at HEC Islamabad Pakistan on Wed, Nov 28,2012


Nexton Group is launching "Youth Adventure Club soon.."